Vitalia Mix




We have developed a formula which contains 10 natural materials in patented composition with a view to provide our mixtures.

- Roots mechanical Support

- Require restrain moisture

- Activation of useful microorganisms

- PH correction

- Nutrition ingredients and fertilizer absorption

- Ground ventilation


Vitalia mix Formula contains:

Vermiculite:  Natural vermiculite is a crystal clay ore composed by thin layers that give a leafy texture. Helpful for the ground not to become harder and improves the water drainage.  It's a natural ore, with fascinating abilities vital for plants.

Dolomite: Calcium and magnesium booster, with slow and extended action. Improves the ground constitution. Corrects calcium and magnesium in poor grounds. Steadies PH, and  favors bacteria and other microorganisms, useful for Calcium Ca and Magnesium Mg improvement.

Zeolite: Natural ore with very important attributes that constrains and keeps all nutrition ingredients of the soil  mixture and keeps them near the root system of the plants for a very long time. Improves chemical composition and ground constitution, and neutralizes the acid components.

Magnicites:  Natural ore that brings improved attributes in soil mixtures. Used as a converter in magnesium absorption in plant roots.

Calcite: Very useful natural ore that serves calcium needs and keeps fine drainage and ventilage in soil mixtures.

Clay:  Natural ore that gives PH adjustments  attributes. Also contributes at  the properly mechanical  root brace.

Pumice Stone: As a natural raw material is proper for mixture in underlay's of hydroponic cultivations, as ground improved underlay ingredient for  planted rooms, and also for ground covers.. Gives fine ventilation  in the soil.

Perlite:  Ore Perlite is a clay - silicon volcanic rock in white color, that contains in quantity 2-6% crystal water. Perlite is used in cultivations for vegetables as an underlay mixture and dispenses through craft mixture of ore perlite in high temperature. With the  ability of keeping water 300-500% of product weight.

Volcano Lava: Lava is a first class natural ore that becomes from volcanic rocks ,keeps and converts  soil mixture in a fertile underlay.

Organic matter: Organic matter is a sterile mixture by plants and animals. Plentiful in cellulose, tannin, lignin, which contain proteins, lipids, and sucrose's. A very important raw material for natural cores circulation in the soil mixture. The Organic Matter  is by  animal or herb extraction  and becomes from palm tree, pine buck, rice buck, dry leaves, etc.


Vitalia Mix Formula is added in soil mixture during the procedure of production and constitutes a determinant  factor for product finishing.

The enrichment procedure is achieved  with special mechanical equipment and online monitoring for a special software through H/Y.

The composition and materials of Vitalia Mix are patented and copyrighted from our Industrial  ownership.