For Greenhouses

Soiled  mixtures for greenhouses

Improve your greenhouse ground

We produce special soiled  mixtures for your greenhouses according to your quality requirements.

Our Company has the ability of producing special soiled  mixture for each type of cultivation which concerns greenhouses.

New and novelty materials are able to give solutions at the Greek professional and amateur raisers.

Knowing that every soiled  mixture (cultivation underlay) should provide for water, nutrition ingredients and natural support with a view to grow healthy plants, we create the appropriate composition so can achieve maximum cultivation production.

Every kind of soiled  mixture has to be well drained off , clean from every disease, weed sperms, and riched with nutrients and can be penetrated by the air.

In cooperation with our scientist specialized in agronomy who is watching at the greenhouse cultivation, we prepare the soiled  mixture, so we can be able to carry it inside big bags or in bulk on cargo.

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