Extra Fine and safe plant soils


The design mixtures abilities and the immediate fueling of raw materials provide for us the finest process to compose a rich variety of different kind of mixtures, according to our customers' needs.

Furthermore because of our in-house soil lab equipment, we're able to control the grounds and suggest special mixtures or raw materials additions to all of our customers, so that they achieve the maximum quality of their products

Materials that we use:

The premier materials that we use for our production are:

Soil: In our soiled mixtures we use fertile cultivated soil that comes from the Greek ground. The fertile cultivated grounds are fine drain off, so with fine mixtures they keep all the nutrients.

Plant Soil:  We are processing and using in a natural way Greek plant soil, collected from different areas.

Turf: Turf  is a special material appropriate for admixtures, created from leaf oddments, and has a stringy texture with hazel or black color. Sphagna Turf is internationally known as Sphagnum peat moss. Turf is being used on ground mixtures in proportion with other materials and gives a loose texture on the ground for a very long time. Turfs advantage is to keep water 6-7 times than she weights.

Sand: During  our soiled  mixtures production we are using river sand. Inside the mixtures, sand  is added in proportion for the growth of  hydro completion  so that fine absorb conditions can be created .