Production Vitalia




In Vitalia, a 100% Greek company, we are  very proud of producing the best quality plant soils and soil mixtures which are corresponding at  amateur's  and professional's  needs

The industry of our company is producing and packaging:

- Topsoil plant soils series

- Special plant soils  for gardening

- Territorial  sub stratums for plantings and cultivations

- Custom made qualitative soiled  mixtures

- Territorial  mixtures for grass fabrications

- Territorial  mixtures for green roofs, parks,  and public works

- Soiled  mixtures for territorial constructions and landscape design


Our Company's motives  are attached with raw materials finest quality and contemporary production plants so we can respond in our customers' needs.
With high power production that is daily reaching 150.000 lt.,  mechanical equipment and high technology packaging as well our company is able for production  of high quality supplies.

Our goal  is offering:

- For  the amateur  gardeners safe and clean plant soil for their house or garden.

- For  the  professional  growers and planters,  the best and efficient soiled  mixtures so they can have big ascription as a result.

Knowing that plant soil production and soiled  mixtures demands  special technical experience and high technology production, we are daily checking our supplies in 6 different phases of production.
In that case we can be secure that Topsoil plant soil, soiled  mixtures and territorial  sub stratums that we are producing are fecund, safe, and also they don't contain bad microorganisms.


We deliver our products daily for Greek and Cyprian  stores.


Contact with us:  mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.